Hello world!

I have been writing under the name Durruti02 for nearly 10 years now, on Urban75 and elsewhere, and thought it a good idea to get some stuff down on a blog to spread debate.

I think there are major problems in the Left and Anarchist/@ movement most of which seem blindingly obvious to me, in what the problems are and how to solve them, but not to those concerned. However I understand we all come from different ‘places’ and so that we see the world differently is inevitable.

Many may see some of what I write as sectarian, when it is intended to be critical, and it is important that while we act together, practically, whenever we can, we need to carry on debate outside of the immediate struggles.

Many will find what I say as depressing, but the reality of the state of our movement needs to be honestly recognised.

Some will get it totally upside down, and as I learnt over the years, being Left wing or an @ does not mean you have all the tools to understand the world!

Above all I guess this is part of an appeal to really look at what we want and what we are doing and I hope that people can engage with that.



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