10 things, people on the UK far-Left, and the anarchists too, could do, right now, that does not involve agreeing with each other, setting up a new party or agreeing a platform.

10 things, people on the UK far-Left, and the anarchists too, could do, right now, that does not involve agreeing with each other, setting up a new party or agreeing a platform.   [ok some do do some of these things, but not many and not enough]

 1- Learn how people learn and how change happens. Be humble. Admit that the politics, strategy and tactics of the lasts decades has not worked. It is not just down to the destruction of the old industries, the victory of Thatcherism / neo-liberalism. If the politics, strategy and tactics were good, people would support them. They don’t work for people, so people do not support them. Study other successful organisations of the last decades rather than rely on one model from one country in one era. Learn from psychology and educational theory how people learn and why we haven’t convinced them.

 2- Create a politics for the majority not the minority. So give up crisis politics . Only a minority of people are seriously impacted in economic crises and with the world economy and especially China continuing to boom, capitalism is not coming to an end anytime soon. We need to have a liberationary politics that makes sense to people whether we are in boom or bust. And real revolution will need the support of the majority not just an angry minority and angry minority politics leads to fascism as readily as communism.

 3- Ask people what they think and believe, hope and desire for. The Left spend most of their time telling people what to think. People are tired of and alienated by this. Instead we need to ask people what they want, actually talk to them and listen to them. Go door to door where we live, use surveys, interviews, what is called ‘workers enquiry’.
Then base our politics on that. Mesh what we know, of politics and history,  with what people want and we will succeed.

 4- Work together where we live. Set up local solidarity groups/networks to bring people together of different politics. It may not happen nationally but there is no reason why we can not do this locally. Peoples Assemblies could maybe perform this function though they are probably too tied to one political party, at least nationally.

 5- Break the cultural dominance [hegemony] of capital where we live; create a mass, united, non-party, all-party, campaign of postering/graffiti/murals/stickering/chalking/flashmobbing  calling for resistance and revolution and  get all the musicians/bands/artists  we know involved with that call for resistance and revolution. We must dominate the walls and airwaves and cyberspace.

6- Break the media dominance  of capital where we live; bring out non-party broadsheets, from the local Solidarity Network or PA, with articles from different campaigns and groups, that are put through peoples doors, dominate the letters pages in local papers, local  web forums, get on every possible radio show, talk radio, TV news etc. Use Twitter and other social media vigorously. These are essential tools to communicate and organise both with each other and outside of our various groups.

 7- Create victories. Concentrate on a few things that can be won e.g. unionising a local workplace that is ripe for it, or forcing a retailer to pay the living wage, or to stop using workfare etc. Pick one company e.g. ATOS, for a national campaign, in ever locality, not just on one day, but every day, until victory.

8- Get places to organise. Whether groups come together and rent, or, squat, use arts funding, or outside of London, buy, a place, we need our own centres, for meetings, as social centres, education centres, permanent creche space etc, not for one group but all groups.

 9- Be organisers not activists. Activists do great things trying to get their opponents to change their minds. Sometimes it works. But it doesn’t challenge overall power. Organisers instead create mass movements which can destroy the power of the system. And in creating that mass movement means the middle class, middle aged, white men who currently dominate must give power and responsibility to the youth, the working class and women, the BME, who are all currently so underrepresented.

 10- Organise parties not Parties! People want and need to enjoy themselves, be happy and to dance and sing. No one wants a revolution which means less fun than under capital, less humour, less partying and more work! Organise revolutionary sports clubs and tournaments, social clubs, comedy nights, theatre, music, walking groups, dances and everything else that people choose to do as they enjoy them so much.
As Emma Goldman said “”If I can’t dance it’s not my revolution”

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  1. lostinthurrock says:

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    Some very useful points on how the anarchist / radical movement can start to make itself relevant to ordinary people. There are some ideas in here that our sister project, the Thurrock & Basildon Heckler will give some serious consideration to…

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