Why the EDL must be stopped

The EDL are muppets, useful idiots to the state. Working class people, loyalists, who see their country ( i.e the country whose roads, cars and houses they built and who in hundreds of thousands died for, this country that gave them at least a roof over their head if not a home for a hero and a privilged lifestyle better than most in the world) and what benefits it had, be systematically dismantled by its, as always, White Anglo Saxon Protestant rulers. But being impotent, confused, angry and not believing there is any possibility of change they blame not that WASP elite who put them and their parents out of work and deny their children income and housing, and destroyed the old working class community, but one small minority group of whom an even tinyier minority take a similar fascist perspective to their own and for that they try to blame ALL Britains ills on. The Muslims ( as if one group of people could be so defined!)
Their dominant image is of racism, and there is no doubt they are racist, against those of Pakistani and Bengali origin, but it is that all they do is divisive in the working class that actually politically defines them, and defines them both a loyalist, but ultimately and increasingly as fascist, and defines fundamentally why they must be stopped.
The EDL itself will argue till it is blue in the face that it is neither racist (“my best mate is black”) and not Nazi ( it is not National Socialist) but working class street fascism is defined by how it splits and divides the working class and works to the agenda of the rich, the elite and the ruling class in an era where that ruling class are attacking unmercifully the working and middle classes.
We must stop the EDL by working with those who support it in the communities they come from, something the Left has fallen down, by showing that they are not wanted in our communities and by physically opposing them when the try to march on our streets. See you in Walthamstow today

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